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BIENVENUE 2018 New Year Party, Pondicherry

7StarEnterprise : 31-12-2017 to 31-12-2017 : The ASHOKE BEACH RESORT,Pondicherry
: 7.30 pm   Rs : Applicable

About Bien Venue 2018,

Pondicherry's biggest dance music festival, Seven Star is set to kick off New Year party . ‘Bien Venue 2018’.

Is all set to deliver a better, smoother and bigger experience for all. Seven Star is looking at creating an array of experiences that will give dance music enthusiasts memories that last a lifetime. The festival experience is also going to be enhanced with new technologies & stage designs,Celebrity shows, Dinner which will redefine the way entertainment and live music is consumed in Pondicherry.The venue is also well-connected to the express highway, being just 5 mins away to entering the festival arena making the overall experience even more enjoyable.

The experiment of EDM, Bolly with Kannada Rappers. Experience the world-class ambience of Sound & Light for the first time in Karnataka. Specially designed for families and ladies too. Unlimited mouth-watering dishes with fun. 

Get ready for a rocking New Year celebration in Pondicherry city.

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