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Winter Safari - Tadoba 2016-2017

BeyondWildPondicherry : 02-11-2016 to 07-11-2016 : Tadoba
: 9:00 am   Rs : Applicable

A green paradise. If Tadoba had to be described in just three words, thats how we choose to describe it. The Tadoba Andhari Reserve is the largest national park in Maharashtra and is drenched in all shades of green. Right from trees, shrubs, grasses and different varieties of bamboos, you can find them all. And right in the middle of all this, totally relaxing in the pleasant and calm bubble of serenity are the enigmatic wild animals. It is one of Indias 41 "Project Tiger" - Tiger reserves. The name Tadoba is the name of the God Tadoba or Taru, praised by the tribal people who live in the dense forests of the Tadoba and Andhari region, while the Andhari River that meanders through the forest gives the Andhari name.

You will either find them lazily roaming around the park, occasionally bothering to acknowledge your presence or you will find them enjoying their haven in solitude or with their close companions. There couldnt have been a closer and real way to experience the encounter with theBengal tiger, leopards, sloth bears, gaur, nilgai, sambar, spotted deer, barking deer, reptiles, butterflies, water birds and insects amongst the many other species of animals. The tranquillity of the place will surely rub off on you and you will find yourself smiling at all times, minus the worries and pondering over beautiful things.

If the mountains, river and wildlife cant help you do that, nothing else would. Do yourself a favour and bring those itching feet to this beautiful place. 


02 TO 07 NOV
07 TO 12 NOV
26 TO 31 DEC
29 DEC TO 03 JAN
25 TO 30 JAN 2017

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Note: Only a fixed number of safaris are allowed every day and hence safari bookings happen 2 months in advance. We request you to kindly confirm your seat at the earliest to get assured safari bookings.