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"Solar Passive Design Studio 3-Day Seminar for Professional Architects"

ViktoriyaKoleva : 04-12-2014 to 06-12-2014 : Auroville
: 09:00   Rs : 14,000
 :  Invitation

"Solar Passive Design Studio

 3-Day Seminar for professional architects

 4-6th December 2014 at Auroville, Tamil Nadu"

Auroville Green Practices invites professional architects for a 3-day seminar on Solar Passive Design from 4-6th December 2014 at Auroville Tamil Nadu, India. This workshop aims at teaching solar passive design techniques for planning and architectural design with a focus on three predominant climatic zones of India, namely Hot-Humid, Hot-Dry and Composite.

Join this seminar where participants will be introduced to climatic variations and their effects on built environments along with solar passive design techniques for site planning and building design through talks, site visits and a design exercise with constant interaction and guidance from Ms. Suhasini Ayer, Dr Arvind Krishnan and Mr. Sanjay Prakash. This is a limited capacity and requires active participation of all attendees. The cost for the workshop is Rs. 14,000 per person inclusive of lunch, dinner, materials and facilitation for all activities, and all taxes. Accommodation costs are not included.

Interested individuals can register online at


Kanika Atre

For Auroville Green Practices

(0413) 2622571