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Painting exhibition in Sita cultural center

SitaCultural Center : 11-01-2014 to 07-02-2014 : Sita Cultural Center, 22 Candappa Mudaliar Street, Pondicherry
: 9am -7pm   Rs : FREE
 :  Expo

Come to discover the work of Aruna Witte between the 11th and the 24th January.
She is working on question of space, geometric forms, and pointillism. Born in Pondicherry in 1983, Aruna studied Mathematics, visual arts, art history, dance, music, science and literature. We find all these educations in her strictly, calculate and regular painting.

Come to discover Senthilkumar Watercolor the 25th January until the 7th February.
A new Watercolor Exhibition during two weeks in Sita Cultural Center. Senthilkumar, very young from new wave artist, from Pondicherry propose colorful landscapes and portraits in simple, poetic and amazing way.