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A Taste of Auroville - 1-day weekly introduction to Auroville

ViktoriyaKoleva : 19-09-2013 to 12-11-2013 : Visitors' Centre
: 8.30am to 4.30pm   Rs : Rs. 700
 :  Spritual

Auroville Retreat announces a 1-day Introduction to Auroville entitled ‘A Taste of Auroville’ to be held in Auroville every Thursday 8.30am – 4.30pm.

During this weekly 1-day retreat we explore a variety of sites and relate to the soul of Auroville – Matrimandir. The programme includes a 3-hour morning session on Awareness Through the Body, lunch and a cycling tour to different Auroville locations (e.g. Windaara farm, Spirulina farm, Bamboo Research Centre, Centre for Scientific Research, Wellpaper).  During the tour we discuss The Auroville Charter and Dream, living in a community, architecture and city planning, forestation and farming, experiments on financial models and any other Auroville related topic you would like to learn about.

Registration for this retreat is not necessary, just show up on any Thursday morning at the Visitors’ Centre gate at 8.30am. Retreat price is Rs. 700 and is inclusive of cycle hire, lunch, tea and snacks.

The facilitators for this retreat are Amir and Aran. Amir came to India from Israel in 2000 to explore different disciplines and awaken the sense of being. He joined Auroville in 2003 and became part of the “Awareness Through the Body” program. He has been teaching Awareness Through the Body at Aurovillie schools and offering workshops for adults since 2005.

Aran also came to India from Israel in 2000 and currently resides in Auroville with his wife and three children. He has been exploring his various interests in life through engagement in a large variety of projects in Auroville. His main passion lies in bringing people together.  He currently assists Amir with Awareness Through the Body sessions and facilitates introductory tours of Auroville.

The Retreat will be held in Auroville, an international community 20 minutes away from Pondicherry in South India. It is a quiet little town with approx. 2000 inhabitants. Once a barren area, Auroville has become green, thanks to reforestation. Auroville has a semitropical climate. Temperatures peak in May/June (the Summer months), and go beyond 40 degrees, while in winter (November to March) the day temperatures are between 24 and 30. The Monsoon in October/November brings the temperatures down.

For more information, contact Viktoriya Koleva at Auroville Retreat on +91-8940219725, or email You are also welcome to visit our website: