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Auto and Build Expo - Krishna rock @ Old Port seagulls

Karthikeyan : 21-07-2013 to 21-07-2013 : Old Port-seagulls, Pondicherry
: 7.30 PM onwards   Rs : FREE
 :  Expo

On the Ghandi Thidal

Virtuoso vocalist Krishna Kumar has created one of the most progressive Indian music groups, fusing the traditional sounds of classical South-Indian music with Western rock and jazz.

Krishnas Templerock creates a new global music drawing its roots from traditional Carnatic ragas, setting them into new musical frames.

Those highly accomplished musicians of different genre are path-breakers in fusing their particular approaches and styles into unique compositions, making Krishnas Templerock, an outstanding contributor to world music.

Krishnas Templerock's vibrant synthesis of Carnatic and Western music excites fans of all ages......