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Pondy edition | Stories Worth Sharing Meetup

Karthikeyan : 03-09-2017 to 03-09-2017 : The Smoothie Bar
: 03:00 pm - 06:00 pm   Rs : ~

Stories Worth Sharing Meetup is a unique concept of letting people share the stories which may not have changed the world but changed (their) world.

We believe that stories are to be cherished and ideas deserve an 'open' platform to flourish. We invite people to share the casual stories of your day to day life which matter to you at our Stories Worth Sharing Meetups.

Often you will find celebrated figures taking the lead at the talk shows. But the stories of the ordinary citizens like you and I are left unheard. This is the platform for you to come and talk about the things that matter the most to you!

After successful events at Apni Delhi, Namma Bengaluru, Namma Chennai, Maharo Jaipur, Apla Pune, and Aapnu Amdavad the caravan has now reached Pondy. The stage is set for you to interact and share your stories with the like minded people in your own town!


- 15 slots for the speakers based on the order of registration
- 5 minutes allotted to every speaker
- you can share any story of your choice
- videos will be recorded however none goes online without the
permission of the respective individual
- Everyone irrespective of being an audience or a speaker has to register

What else? Register yourself at
Best part? All this awesomness at no entry fee!