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Capoeira Retreat

Karthikeyan : 30-09-2017 to 02-10-2017 : Tibetan Pavilion,auroville
: 11:00 am - 02:00 pm   Rs : ~

Capoeira is an interaction between members of a group exploring diverse flows of conversation, exchange and play. It can take the shape of a game, a dance or a combat, depending on how you feel drawn to the music. You can choose to perform or play in the tradition of this 500-year old art form. It is an experience, and a way to work on one's challenges that pervades daily life. Capoeira is a philosophy that frees oneself from social and body constraints.

Capoeira is one of the rare and complete art forms, in which you not only play the game, the music and learn the culture, philosophy and tradition, but also learn the handicraft of making the instruments and decorating them, create new songs, and share this knowledge with others. Learning Capoeira is an unending process, but a complete one that satisfies all aspects of the Being.

Join Prof. Samuka in this 3-day beginner retreat on Capoeira.

Call 9655696982 or email to register.