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Power of Inspiration-An Auroville Experience

AurovilleGreen Practices : 31-08-2017 to 02-09-2017 : Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India
: 09:05   Rs : FREE
 :  Education

This three-day workshop is for those who are seeking a fundamental change in their lives. It provides the energy and models for change through interactions with inspiring people doing inspiring work, through presentations of how change takes place, and through exercises that encourage deep reflection and new ways of perception and behaviour.

Participants will meet people in the international community of Auroville who, inspired by an ideal, are making a difference in society. They will gain an insight into their work and, through that, into some of the activities engaged in by larger community, and they will hear the stories of what inspired these individuals to take up this work and make changes in their own lives. They will learn how inner change is manifested in outer action and how this, in turn, fuels further inner evolution.

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