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Evam presents Baggy's KungFu Bonda , July 15, Pondicherry

Karthikeyan : 15-07-2017 to 15-07-2017 : Santhi Inn Pondy
: 08:15 pm - 11:55 pm   Rs : ~

Meet Baggy aka Bhargav Ramakrishanan! After resounding and questionable success in his 20s, Baggy enters the next decade of his life and with that comes his brand new stand-up solo show.

''I moved out of home. I hosted a show on Vijay TV. I'm building a flat of my own. I filed my taxes. I joined the gym. I quit the gym. I got a girlfriend. I became a little viral. I got a little famous. I got disappointed that I didn't get more famous. I got my hair styled, not cut, mind you, styled. I went shopping for crockery. I was the best man at my best friend's wedding. I am cooking and cleaning and washing and ironing on my own. I ran a marathon. No I didn't. But I did rejoin the gym????. I am planning the bachelor party for another best friend's wedding. Ass****s are all getting married. Basically I turned 30 and I plan on becoming a comic, quite literally. Living life, one strip at a time and squeezing the joke out of every situation. This cartoon of my existence I cant wait to share with all of you, so get ready.''