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Auroville Language LaboratoryALL : 16-03-2017 to 31-07-2017 : Auroville International Zone.
: 9.00am to 6.00pm   Rs : 1300 P/M
 :  Education

We're very happy to welcome old as well as new teachers and to announce several new classes :-

BUVANA will offer Beginners Tamil, starting in April.  In the beginning, the class will be once a week, on Wednesdays from 3:30-4:45pm.

CHANDRIMA will offer her time and presence twice a week, on Wed and Fri afternoons from 1-4pm for Hindi, Sanskrit and even Bengali, for both private and group classes.

The classes she was previously offering at the old Lab will shift to our new building.

SITARA will offer German for Beginners, teaching in a creative way.  This 60-hour class, over 2.5 months, will cover the syllabus of the Goethe Institute A1 Certification course for Beginners.  Classes will be 3 days a week : Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, 4.30-6pm, and extra hours will be arranged if necessary, to cover the syllabus. Those who want to take the A1 certification exam in Chennai could subsequently do so.  Others can simply take advantage of a structured class to get the basics right and really make progress...  The class is also a Refresher course for those who have picked up a bit of German along the way. The set of books textbook and workbook will need to be bought separately. The course will start on Monday 19.03.17 and go till 30.05.2017.

MITA will teach a class in Intermediate English Grammar. This is for people who already speak some English, but feel they are making mistakes and would like to improve their English.  The class will cover several grammatical concepts, along with reading-out loud and conversations on different topics.  The aim is to make grammar fun and help you speak English correctly.  This is for all nationalities.

A variation of this class could be "l'Anglais pour les Français". If there is enough interest from the French, we can make a specific class, given how particularly blocked several French people feel with English. Pour les français qui ont le sentiment de faire toujours des « bêtises » en anglais...  Let's start all together, and then see if a separate group is needed for the French speakers.

CAMILA, a volunteer, will offer Beginners English three days a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 5-6pm.

PIERO has just started a new Italian Beginners Class, and it is still very much possible to join.

SUSANA’s Beginners Spanish is going strong, and SARAVANAN continues Conversational Tamil.  Volunteer CHRISTIANE is continuing all her French classes, but will leave by the end of the month, so classes are not open for new students at the moment.  We are urgently looking for a replacement French teacher. We thank Christiane for her presence and her work with the Language Lab.

We are always looking for and welcome long-term English and French teachers. Please contact us if you would like to teach.  We have many materials which teachers could use, and we are looking for people who have a love for their language and would like to share that love with others.

Our MEDIATHEQUE is also available, with audio, video and software for language learning, for self-study and guided study. We have collected some wonderful material over the years, and many people, especially beginners in different languages, have made a lot of progress using these tools. More than 100 languages are available now.  Come and check it out.

The Tomatis listening training programs are also available for both language learning and therapeutic purposes.  It works by exercising the muscles of the middle ear and stimulating the cortex directly through very special headphones, with individualised programs based on the initial Listening Test and, in the case of therapeutic programs, the case history as well.  It is based on Dr. Tomatis’ fundamental tenet that listening is different from hearing, and is a much higher, more integrative faculty, involving different parts of the body-mind-being, than hearing alone.  For language learning, it helps learn languages faster because it enables one to come into resonance with the language by training the brain to listen like a native speaker.  It is the ear that controls speech, reading and writing, so by training the ear, one can work on all of these!  Also, every single muscle of the human body comes under the control of the ear, and it is the ear that functions as a dynamo to energize the brain.  Therefore the Tomatis method has many therapeutic or “re-educative” applications for all ages: children, teenagers and adults.  These include : learning disorders such as dyslexia, hyperactivity and behavioural problems in children, Attention-deficit, language delays, stuttering, autism and developmental delays, depression and lack of confidence, anxiety, problems in expression and voice control, communication problems. It can address vertigo and certain kinds of hearing loss.  It helps to improve attention, concentration and memory.  It isn’t only for “problems” and “issues” though :  It helps to identify hidden potential and to unleash creativity, and has benefits for everybody.  Please have a look at our website  for more info and links. 

Students of all the regular group classes at the Lab will soon benefit from a weekly Tomatis listening training session.

We will be hosting OPEN HOUSES every Saturday, starting 18th March.  People can come visit the Lab and discover the new building. You can also try out the facilities available on our mediatheque as well as have free Tomatis listening sessions for 1-2 hours.  We will also have regular on-the-hour showings of the film on the Tomatis method, in either the original French or with English sub-titles.  We especially invite teachers of Auroville and outreach schools to these open houses.

We are also looking for Telugu speakers – one female and one male – to make audio recordings to be used in Tomatis programs for two children.  If you are a fluent Telugu speaker, please contact us!

If you are a native Tamil speaker and would like to volunteer for the Tomatis Tamil language research, please contact us.  We invite all Tamil Aurovilians to participate in this research.


Phone: 0413-2623 601 / 602 / 603 / 0413-2623661 / 0413-2623088 / 0413-2622467
Mobile: 9585207962.
Location: International Zone.