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Tiger Marathon

BeyondWildPondicherry : 15-02-2017 to 25-02-2017 : Tadoba, Kanha, Bandhavgarh
: 13:00   Rs : Applicable

The wait is finally over! We are pleased to announce the Tiger Marathons for 2016. This incredible tour would take you through Tadoba's extraordinary tiger-land, Pench's mythical Kipling country, Kanha's fabled Sal forests and last but not the least, Bandhavgarh's rolling hills and enchanting meadows! We will go on as many as 18 safaris through the course of this tour! To keep it personal and exclusive, we would be signing only genuinely interested campers. 

This tour is all about the Tiger! We visit all the beautiful forests of central India at the best time, with a hope to capture the magnificent beast with our lenses as many times as possible! This tour is specially crafted for avid photographers and wildlifers. 


Bandhavgarh and tiger go together like Mozart and symphony. One naturalist once said that the essence of Bandhavgarh was its tigers. This land of tigers is a dazzling artwork of gigantic mountains, rolling meadows, vast sal groves and sun-soaked forest paths adorned with tiger pugmarks!

Even as you enter the ancient forest of Bandhavgarh, a million different vistas would leave your mind brimming with excitement. Bandhavgarh houses one of the highest densities of tigers in India. A sight of this supreme hunter, who embodies grace, ferocity and majesty like no other animal, is every person`s dream. In this ancient land, where the imposing Bandhavgarh fort dominated over the surroundings, that dream almost always turns into reality.

Bandhavgarh is very well managed with only a limited number of vehicles allowed inside the forest everyday,which ensures an exclusive wildlife viewing opportunities. Also, the lodges here are some of the best in the country. A perfect mix of wildlife and luxury, we would say!


Tadoba isn`t just some other national park. It is the very byname of the Tiger. Every story, every blade of grass, every speck of sand, every living creature here, breathes just 1 word – ‘Tiger’.

   Probably, the best place in the world to see the Tiger, Tadoba is all about these majestic beasts. A glorious forest situated in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra, this ‘Jewel of the Vidarbha’, is a magical land of dense woodlands and bamboo thickets. Lusciously green, with a number of lakes and ponds to support the wildlife, Tadoba is a refuge to an astounding number of animals, which include deer, nilgais, sloth bears, langoors, wild dogs and leopards. These animals, along with the enigmatic tiger form the very backbone of Tadoba.

Come visit Tadoba and get soaked in this enchanting land of tigers.


Kanha is a national park and Tiger reserve nestled in Madhya Pradesh. It already is a part of our lives, through Rudyard Kipling`s Jungle Book as he found inspiration to write his famous book, right here at Kanha. You will see the novel come alive through the various majestic wild animals, pompously strutting through the wild and dusty trails of this grand park. The lush sal and bamboo forests, grassy meadows and ravines put across a vividly painted picture that seems to come straight out of the enchanting palette of a painter.


15 TO 25 FEB 2017
15 TO 25 MAR 2017

For details details contact us on : or . Ph: 9087061325 ,

Note: Only a fixed number of safaris are allowed every day and hence safari bookings happen 2 months in advance. We request you to kindly confirm your seat at the earliest to get assured safari bookings.