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Capoeira Retreat

ViktoriyaKoleva : 21-11-2015 to 22-11-2015 : auroville, Puducherry, Tamilnadu
: 9:00 to 5:00   Rs : 4200 INR

", game, philosophy, fight, dance, tradition, music, theater, acrobatics,..." Capoeira is an interaction between members of a group exploring diverse flows of body conversation to exchange and play. Whether it takes the shape of a game, a dance or a combat, depends on the participants who, guided by music, will provoke, perform or play in the respect of the tradition of this 500-year old art. It is an experience, a way to work on one's challenges and a learning process that pervades daily life. Capoeira is a philosophy and a fight, a way to free oneself from social and body constraints. Join Samuka in this 2-day beginner retreat on Capoeira.

See the video :