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Living Sustainable tomorrows

AurovilleGreen Practices : 28-10-2015 to 31-10-2015 : Auroville
: 9:00a.m. ~ 7:00p.m   Rs : 25,000Rs.
 :  Education

Living Sustainable Tomorrows is a 4-day workshop in Auroville on sustainability. Participants will engage with the challenge of building a sustainable India by looking at the present challenges in key areas like the environment, energy and the economy, and will learn how Auroville has responded to them. Another important aspect of sustainability concerns changing the paradigmic perspectives that are endangering the world, and this implies a process of personal discovery and transformation as prerequisites for anybody wishing to be a leader in sustainable change.

We invite professionals that have an interest in sustainability and deepening their
understanding of their personal values. This is a limited capacity, highly interactive event that requires active participation of all attendees. Heads of CSR, mid-level and senior managers and leaders of organisations interested in leading sustainable change will find the workshop insightful, practical and useful.