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Net Neutrality Campaign

Karthikeyan : 26-04-2015 to 26-04-2015 : Head Post Office & Beach, Puducherry
: 02:40 pm - 06:00 pm   Rs : ~

While April 24, 2015 marked the deadline for sending our responses to TRAI, this date is not the end of it. We have to wait and watch for the response from TRAI and then act again. In the meantime, we should also ensure that every Internet user is aware of the ongoing issue.

It's really a milestone that more than 1 million emails have been sent to TRAI in support for Net Neutrality in India.

Net Neutrality in India is being violated in various forms. Unlike extra charges, there are free services like & Airtel Zero which explicitly discriminates sites and violates the principle of #NetNeutrality.

You can join us in distributing pamphlets (in both Tamil & English) to people of Puducherry to raise the awareness. You can also join the Human Chain in support for Net Neutrality at Puducherry Beach.

At 2:45pm, we will be gathering opposite to Head Post Office. After spending few minutes to prepare ourselves and get together,

Around 5pm, we will be flocking to the Beach.