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Juggling and Acrobatic Techniques: Programme for Adults

Kash DTimmers : 28-02-2015 to 04-04-2015 : La Casita
: 03:30 pm - 05:00 pm   Rs : ~

Did you ever dream of learning how to juggle but didn't find resources around you? No classes were available for adults?

!! Now you can at La Casita !!
Learn to Hold it, throw it, balance it, manipulate it with Professional Circus Artist Romain Timmers.

Dedicated Regular Course will include:
* Juggling and Object Manipulation
* Strength, Flexibility and Acrobatic

Juggling is a FUN approach to improving one's mental, emotional and of course physical well-being. It is form of "Movement Meditation" that works to balance both hemispheres of the brain (right brain & left brain) to improve motor-skill functions, reading, writing, creativity, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-motivation, focus on tasks, multi-tasking. It can help combat and prevent the development of Anxiety, Alzheimer's, depression and a host of other mental and emotional diseases.

Want to read scientific reasons behind it......

Call to Register in Fun and Unique Program available in your neighborhood.
CONTACT: 7639405194