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2nd TANGO WORKSHOP on Sunday, 1st Feb@La Casita

Kash DTimmers : 01-02-2015 to 01-02-2015 : La Casita
: 05:00 pm   Rs : ~

Tango is a vibrant and playful dance between two people. It has very rich potential for expression, improvisation and connection and is danced in both modern and traditional styles.
At the heart of tango (Argentine tango) is the desire to listen to, understand and converse with the person you're dancing with, through this unique language of dance.
Like the symbols of yin and yang, the roles of leader and follower each have a little of the other within them. Tango is a collaborative process, which encourages the development of sensitivity, clarity, trust and respect.
Understand it better in our Workshop at La Casita.
5.00pm to 6.30pm
1st February, Sunday

Studio Address:
147, Eshwaran Koil Street , PONDI.

Contact for details:

"When I tango it's like there is no past or future, there is only my partner and the music, in constant flow."